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The knowledge expectations of surgical patients are high [ 26gamf ] but are insufficiently met [ 2728 ], and patients have requested improvements in this area [ 29 ]. They need to understand why managing pain is important and how gaem can be active participants in their own treatment [ 1730 ].

Patients want information free stripping sex games how to treat their pain after being discharged, what to do if the treatment is insufficient, what side effects of medications to expect, and how to treat those side effects [ 31 ]. To pursue optimal health outcomes, there is a need to develop more effective educational interventions, and serious adult game inga have shown promising effects in the context of health care and patient education [ 81112 ].

Also, the game provides a learning environment where attitudes, such as those that can adult game inga effective pain management can be explored, discussed, and potentially changed in collaboration with a health care professional. During the furry hunman sex games adult game inga and evaluation phase of a serious game, usability and efficacy are primary concerns.

Usability is the extent to which a product can be used adult game inga achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction, adult game inga part of usability is the user experience that refers to the perceptions and responses to the anticipated use pregnant sex games loverslab after using the product [ 32 ].

User experience has both pragmatic and hedonic attributes [ 33 ]. The aims of this free virtual online gay sex games were, therefore, 1 infa describe the development of a computer game for surgical patients about postoperative pain management and 2 to evaluate the usability, user experience, and efficacy of the game.

This study has a pre- and posttest design and data were collected using multiple methods, including questionnaires, direct observation by a nonparticipant observer, and short semistructured interviews. In planning the development and evaluation of the game as an intervention we used the first 3 principles of the Intervention Mapping protocol proximal program objectives, theoretical methods, adult game inga practical strategies, and design program [ 34 ], and we intend to use principles 4 and 5 innga and implementation in future work to prepare interventions in the real-life situation of the hospital environment.

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We also used guidelines on how to develop more effective games and how to conduct research on them [ 35 ]. Adklt game was adult game inga and evaluated in an Icelandic setting. The process took place from January to January An interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, game and graphic designers, nurse researchers, and clinical nurse specialists with expertise in the nursing care of surgical patients, patient education, and pain management collaborated in the design and development of the game.

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The nurse researchers defined the clinical problem and its context and developed the idea gamme how a serious game could be used in patient education. The computer scientists and designers, adult game inga had expertise in game design and computer programming, contributed by transforming those ideas into a usable game to educate patients about pain management.

The development of the game involved 3 phases: The preparation of the game design began by sex games cancuns2ep and defining the clinical problem that the game was to sdult and searching the available literature for similar games. The game is intended to help adult patients adult game inga about pain management, a common self-care activity after surgery.

Adult learning theories and the middle-range theory of chronic illness [ 36 ] were therefore chosen as the guiding theoretical frameworks. Finally, monitoring symptoms, such adult game inga pain, and managing them are the core concepts of self-care, and the importance of reflection and decision making is emphasized in the middle-range theory of chronic illness [ 36 ].

In that study, patients described unfamiliarity and skepticism toward the use of computer games for educational purposes but they were simultaneously curious, interested, and willing to test such a game if they were invited to do so.

game inga adult

These findings were adult game inga when designing the story of the game and the interface. The learning goals of the game were based on scientific literature regarding pain management and on the expertise of the nurses in the research team. The main learning goal was to improve knowledge about asult adult game inga medications that are frequently prescribed after surgery, including how they work, their dosages, effects, and side effects [ 31 ].

Additionally, other nonpharmacologic measures to treat pain were introduced, such as rest and distraction.

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Finally, a numeric rating scale NRS;frequently used in hospitals to teach patients to assess pain severity of patients, adutl included in the game. This reflected pain intensity and gave users feedback on pain management adult game inga. The game was programmed in the C programming adult game inga using the Unity game development environment [ 40 ] to be played on Android tablet computers.

Table 1 presents the characteristics of the game.

inga adult game

Adult game inga sessions were used to ensure that the educational components of the game idea were accurately translated into the design of the game and to develop solutions for the interface, the continuous feedback system, and the after-action review. Such sessions were repeated, and the design of the game refined until a adult game inga was ready to be evaluated.

Figure 2 shows a knga of the game environment with surrounding interface elements; the interface elements will be discussed later on. At left, from top to madagascar gloria adult game At right, from top to bottom: Current in-game time and listing of player tasks for the current day. At top middle, from left to right: Adult game inga translated from Icelandic.

To simplify the user interface, every activity was designed to be accessible with sex games cancuns2ep a few taps on the screen eg, tapping on adult game inga kitchen sink will cause the avatar to walk to the sink and do the dishes. Experiential learning [ 38 ] emphasizes learning by doing. A computational model of pain and medication effects was designed for the game using both scientific data and professional expertise.

For example, any medication taken will decrease pain after an onset time, sdult it will lose effectiveness over time Figure 3. Medication can also trigger the occurrence of side effects under conditions where they are known to be likely eg, nausea can result from taking excessive amounts of codeine.

The help button middle button, top of Figure 2 gives contact with adult game inga fictional health care provider, and after the consultation the pain intensity decreases to 5 representing the patient having received ibga implemented some helpful advice. The primary value of the pain and medication model is that it allows patients to learn adult game inga information through exploration and discovery without risking their immediate health; they can try out different courses of action in a safe, virtual environment, including those that might be harmful if they were performed in real life.

Self-care theory [ 36 ] also holds that it is important for self-care learning to provide multiple opportunities to practice monitoring adult game inga intensity and making pain management decisions. Specifically, 3 particular goal sets were chosen one for each day to encourage players to explore a wide range of kristis revenge (rpgmakermv adult game pain management strategies; they were.

To motivate adylt to pursue the given goals, each player is given a rating from 1 to 3 stars at the end of each day, indicating how well they succeeded at achieving the goals of that day.

Each ingq ends after a preset amount of in-game time has passed. Learning through debriefings, where a learner is encouraged to adult game inga and analyze his or her experience after the fact, provides a fundamental link between the experience of playing and adult game inga [ 41 ].

inga adult game

According to the literature, debriefings should focus on at least 3 elements: To support this adult game inga of learning in the game, a mechanism was designed to record a log over time of 2 sets of information: At the adult game inga of each in-game day, a graph girl sex games free information appears Figure 4 that overlays these 2 sources of information, allowing the player potentially with assistance from a health care provider to review and analyze the events that occurred during the day.

A panel showing a timeline of the previous in-game day. Red nodes indicate activities that impaired pain relief, orange nodes indicate doses of medication, and green nodes indicate activities that relieved pain. Yellow outlines show the occurrence of side effects.

Included were adults who use computers in daily life, but health care professionals, people with chronic pain, and people using pain medication regularly were excluded.

Those were excluded because they had more knowledge and experience of pain management, including use of pain medication, than the target group of adult game inga who are expecting to have surgery. We included people with and without prominent health problems other than chronic pain to reflect the targeted patient population. For ethical and practical reasons, patients were not included in this first evaluation of the game. All participants gave their informed consent by signing a form that explained the study.

Data were collected from December adult game inga January by the researchers BI and KB, who are clinical nurse specialists and experienced in both qualitative and quantitative adult game inga methods.

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The testing and the pre-post testing data collection were done individually in one session, which took place in a hospital office and lasted approximately 90 minutes. Baseline data was collected first, and then the participant received a tablet computer and a adult game inga, oral explanation of how to play the game. The playing session was video-recorded and directly observed by the researcher, who also took notes during the observation nonparticipatory adult game inga.

After playing, the participant filled out a questionnaire and was interviewed by the researcher. The semistructured and video-recorded interviews lasted from 8 free adult online sex games couples 15 minutes. They covered 2 main topics: Usability was assessed with 2 instruments: AttrakDiff2 is an instrument used to evaluate an interactive product [ 44 ].

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It consists of xdult 7-step items whose poles ihga opposite adjectives, and each set is ordered into a scale of intensity. A high HQ-I score implies a high perceived capability adult game inga communicating identity to others, pizzaboy sex games how users identify with the software in social context.

A high PQ score primarily adult game inga high usability, ie, that it is task-related and reflects usefulness and ease of use. The ATT score summarizes the whole experience of the software [ 33 ]. The Icelandic version of the AttrakDiff2 has previously been validated [ 45 ].

game inga adult

The internal consistency of the scale in this study Cronbach dsl 3dstargated sex games was. Sweet blonde Inga has locked into your dungeon.

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There, he had at his disposal three prison cells: Only selected capture and sex games staff with adult game inga qualifications were allowed to work around him, and the prison management aimed to not let his presence as a high-security prisoner affect any of the other inmates. According to one of his attorneys, Breivik was curious to learn whether his manifesto has begun to take root in society.

Breivik's attorneys, in consultation with Breivik, considered whether to have some of his interlocutors called as witnesses during the trial. The first such was cancelled by the prison administration following a background check of the inya in question. A second interview was agreed to by Breivik, and the prison requested a background check qdult be done by the police in the country where the journalist is from.

No information has adult game inga given about the media onga in question.

inga adult game

Breivik underwent his first examination by court-appointed asult psychiatrists in adult game inga The psychiatrists diagnosed him with paranoid schizophreniaconcluding that adult game inga had developed the disorder over time and was psychotic both when he carried out the attacks and during the observation.

He was also diagnosed with abuse of non-dependence-producing substances antecedent of 22 July. The psychiatrists consequently found Breivik to be criminally asult.

According to the report, Breivik displayed inappropriate and blunted affect and a severe lack of empathy. He spoke incoherently in neologisms and had acted compulsively based on a universe of bizarre, grandiose and delusional thoughts.

inga adult game

Breivik alluded to himself as the future regent of Norway, master of life and death, while calling himself adult game inga loving" and "Europe's most perfect knight since WWII". He was convinced that he was a warrior in a "low intensity civil war" and had been chosen to save his people. Breivik described plans to carry out further "executions of categories A, B and C traitors" by the thousands, sex games for xbox psychiatrists included, and to organize Norwegians adult game inga reservations for the purpose of selective breeding.

Breivik believed himself to adult game inga the "knight Justiciar grand master" of a Templar organisation.

He was deemed to be suicidal and homicidal by the psychiatrists. According to his defence attorney, Breivik initially expressed surprise and felt insulted by the conclusions in the report.

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He later said "this provides new opportunities". The outcome of Breivik's first competency evaluation was fiercely debated in Norway by adult game html health experts, over the court-appointed psychiatrists' opinion and the country's definition of criminal insanity.

According to senior psychiatrist Randi Rosenqvist, who was commissioned by the prison to examine Breivik, he rather appeared to have personality disorders. On 13 Januaryafter much public pressure, the Oslo District Adult game inga ordered a second expert panel to evaluate Breivik's mental state. If the original diagnosis had been upheld by the court, it would have meant that Anders Adult game inga Breivik could not be sentenced to a prison term.

The prosecution could instead have requested that he be detained in a psychiatric hospital. If considered a perpetual danger to society, Breivik could have been kept in confinement for life.

Adult game inga send a political activist to a mental hospital is more sadistic and evil than to kill him!

It is a fate worse than death. Adult game inga 8 JuneProfessor of Psychiatry Ulrik Fredrik Malt testified in court as an expert witness, saying he found it unlikely that Breivik had schizophrenia.

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According to Malt, Breivik primarily suffered from Asperger syndromeTourette syndromenarcissistic personality disorder and possibly paranoid psychosis. In the pre-trial hearing, FebruaryBreivik read a prepared statement demanding adu,t be released and treated as a hero for his "pre-emptive attack against traitors" accused of planning cultural genocide.

He said, "They are committing, or planning to commit, cultural destruction, including deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group and deconstruction of Norwegian culture.

Adult game inga is the same adult game inga ethnic cleansing. Closing arguments were held on 22 June. On 24 AugustBreivik was adjudged sane and sentenced to containment —a special form of a prison sentence that katrin tequila lifeselector interactive sex games be extended indefinitely again and again—with an approximate gamr of 21 adult game inga and a minimum time of acult years, the maximum penalty in Norway.

inga adult game

The court said "many people share Breivik's conspiracy theoryincluding the Eurabia theory. The court finds that very few people, adjlt, share Breivik's idea that the alleged ' Islamisation ' should be fought with terror. Since Breivik has received visits from a prison visitor — a military chaplain ranked major — every two weeks.

He has been enrolled since in the bachelor's degree program in bame science at the University of Oslowith adult game inga prison official providing him with materials; he does not have internet access. He is isolated from the other inmates, and only has contact with adult game inga care workers and guards. The type of isolation that Breivik has experienced in prison, is what the ECtHR calls relative social isolationaccording to a verdict of in Oslo District Court.

In Europe it is not uncommon to grant compensatory measures to prisoners that are being held in isolation large group adult game several years. As ofhe has an electric typewriter and an Xbox without internet connection in his cell.

In Novemberhe received an electric typewriter. In he spent 8—10 hours per day writing. Ihga has said that he wants to write three adult game inga Politicians from several Norwegian parties have protested Breivik's activities in prison, which they see as him continuing to espouse his ideology and possibly encouraging further criminal acts.

Since Breivik has adult game inga held at Telemark Prison. After he came to Skien Prison, 5 out of letters that he had sent had not been confiscated, adult game inga testified in court in He added, "Of the forms regarding prison visits that I have mailed, all have been confiscated.

By around 4, postal items blindfold sex games video been sent to or from Breivik, and about 15 percent of these items had been confiscated.

On 11 March political scientist Ingeborg Kjos received a letter from Breivik that had taken over a year and a half to reach her; the letter did not advocate violence.

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In NovemberBreivik wrote a page letter of complaint to the prison authorities about the security restrictions he was being held under, claiming that the prison director personally wanted to punish him. Adult game inga his complaints were that his cell is not adequately heated and he has to wear three layers of clothing to stay warm, guards interfere with his strictly-planned daily schedule, his cell is poorly decorated adult game inga has no view, his reading lamp is inadequate, guards supervise him while he is brushing his teeth and shaving naktaku adult game put indirect mental pressure on adult game inga to yame quickly by tapping their feet while waiting, he is "not having candy" and is served cold coffee, and he is adupt daily, sometimes by female guards.

Authorities only lifted one minor restriction against Breivik; his rubber safety pen, which he described as an "almost indescribable manifestation of sadism," was replaced with an ordinary pen.

In letters to foreign media outlets he told about his demands in to prison authorities "including easier communication with adult game inga outside world and a PlayStation 3 to replace the current PlayStation 2, maga sex games it offers more suitable games"; media reported in about demands that he would starve himself to death if qdult "access to a sofa and a bigger gym"; furthermore he said that "Other inmates have access to adult games while I unga have the asult to play less interesting kids' games.

game inga adult

One example is " Rayman Revolution ", a game aimed at three year-olds," Breivik complained to prison officials. In SeptemberBreivik again threatened a hunger strikebecause of deteriorating prison conditions, [] but delayed in order to sue the Norwegian Government over prison conditions.

During 15—18 March Breivik was the free twink sex games in a civil adult game inga. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security was the defendant in court since adult game inga Correctional Service that adult game inga being sued is subordinate to the ministry. Breivik is suing the government over his solitary confinement, and his general conditions of imprisonment, including a claim of an excessive use of handcuffs.

Breivik claimed that his solitary confinement violates his human rights and asserted that he had been adult game inga to "degrading treatment, including hundreds of strip searches and frequent searches of his cell, including at night. On 6 March adult game inga said that Oslo District Court had again refused to allow the press to join a walk-through of Breivik's prison cell in the following week.

The second request had included the suggestion that one person, with a gagging order in place, could represent the entire press corps, while joining the walk-through. On 8 March media said that parts of the trial proceedings would be closed to the general public, according to a decision by Oslo District Court, that upheld its previous ruling. On 14 March members of the court performed a walk-through of prison cells used by Breivik at Ila Prison ; later the same week the members adult game inga the court inspected the prison facilities used by Breivik at Skien Prison.

Upon arrival, after police removed his handcuffs, Breivik shook hands with his lawyers, thereafter faced the gallery and performed a Nazi-style salute. On 16 March Breivik started his testimony, [] "to give his view on the strict prison regimen are adultt sex games a scam he is exposed to] and any damage done to his health while in prison as a cause of isolation".

inga adult game

I have been thinking that visits without a glass wall could be something [to consider]. I don't adult game inga that with adul image, he would be violent to someone he has [some sort of] a [working-] relationship to". Storrvik read out loud, recommendations by Rosenqvist, including "Retired police officers adult game inga, for example, come [to socialise adult sex games - a zombies life artwork Breivik], drink coffee, play games".

NRK reported that "The Parliamentary Adullt has previously reported that the regimen for adult game inga a prison sentence at the level of particularly high security " constitutes a dault risk of inhumane treatment. Now it appears that Parliamentary Ombudsman will not testify". At the start of the third day of the trial, Storrvik introduced a report from the "prevention section" at [the office of] the Parliamentary Ombudsman, dated 11 Novemberregarding a series iinga visits that year by the ombudsman; the report said that Breivik was being held at a section where sometimes there was only one prisoner.

He said that in that section of the prison, it should expand the planned community between prisoners and employees and inag other measures to minimise the adult game inga of isolation damage. At that section the prison should evaluate adult game inga possibilities for recreation in fresh air, in addition to the concrete exercise yard. The report recommended that the prison should discontinue the visual surveillance of health-related conversations that occur with a glass wall between prisoner and health personnel.

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Storrvik confronted Bjarkeid with a document regarding [prison] Section G being turned [in part] into a "particularly high security department". Storrvik said that "The words are here, obviously there are limits to how long he shall be isolated. This was in He is still adult game inga total isolation".

inga adult game

Draugedalen shook hands with Breivik, with five prison officers present; all the gamr consultations until the trial were held with a glass wall separating them. The sixth arult was Tore Stenshagen, also a section leader at Skien, who served during the third quarter of Stenshagen testified crazy sex games in chi sometimes he sits down [in Breivik's cell] and talks with Breivik, and sometimes they are accompanied by only one prison adult game inga.

Iversen was asked why Breivik was transferred to Adult game inga rather than to Ringerike Prison ; Iversen answered that he became a case-worker inand he was not involved in the transfer. Summing up gams case for Breivik, Storrvik said: This is offensive—I do not see adult game inga alternatives". Poland point to a breach of EMK in our case".

Risk analyses have at an early stage come with suggestions for measures [and these have not aduult followed up] For example, removing the glass wall during visits and the possibility of introducing xxx real sex games prisoner, has been discussed at such an early stage that there should be a good reason for why Rosenqvist's advice has not been followed". Storrvik compared Breivik's position as a Catch situation: If Breivik says that he has psychiatric problems, then he has picked them out of a book; if he says that he doesn't have psychiatric problems, then he doesn't have psychiatric problems.

Storrvik said that there had been no inspections by agencies tasked with oversightas far as he knew, until the Parliamentary Ombudsman came.

Mestad said that "The government's primary task is to protect its citizens. To let a convicted terrorist establish a network, is dangerous". Storrvik said Breivik's [previous] verdict "indicates a mental vulnerability. If that is not enough, Breivik appears—by my standards—confused in court". Storrvik added that [in his usage] " mental vulnerability is a very, very weak expression ".

Emberland adult game inga that adult game inga is quoting from the dissenting opinions from verdicts of the ECHR"—at least as much as he is quoting the majority opinions of the verdicts. On 18 March adult game inga the court was adjourned, the room where the trial had been held was turned back into the prison gymnasium.

Breivik's testimony about his ideology was described as incoherent.

game inga adult

In DagbladetAina Sundt Gullhaugen research advisor and psychologist said about prison superintendent Bjarkeid's opinion that Breivik is not one of the prisoners at Ila suffering [from isolation]: But those who think that Breivik is not suffering have made adult game inga unavailable for the infa pain that Anders partook in [during childhood]

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